Your ONE action today
can change your business strategy
Bertha Management
Create and adapt request stages to your business processes
Manage business processes
Create any kind of reports
Analyze traffic and sales, build reports and graphs for your needs
Form a warehouse and add goods according to the directions of your business
Add services and identify responsible specialist for each service
Create web forms without special software
Create a database of clients and general information about them
Bertha CRM
Easy management of applications and clients
Viewing warehouses and availability of goods
Notifications about changes in the system
Tableau of services workload and service specialists
Calendar of postponed tasks
Viewing individual statistics
Formation and loading of documents
Checklists and forms
And many other useful services for your dealership
Bertha Mobile App
Easily serve customers without going to the desktop computer.
Uploading scans via mobile phone. Save on devices, you don't need cameras and other additional cable stuff.
Bertha QR. You are able to not only find requests, but also upload scans of documents.
Push notifications. Always be in touch with your clients and be aware of deal changes.
Let’s improve your business together!
Our best features
Digital approach
Possibility to digitalize step by step or go all in for a holistic solution
Cloud-based solution for uninterrupted working process
More effective interactions between departments

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