Our trade-in service is a unique standard that we have borrowed from various dealer systems according to all world standards.

We have worked out every step to make it as convenient as possible for our beloved customers. You can easily set up steps and stages that will help you achieve better results on your deals.
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Key features
  • Internal and external inspection of the car
  • Checklists for quality control
  • Creating various types of work for related departments
  • Online document generation
  • Full customization of stages and adaptation to your car dealership
  • Notifications on changes in the status of requests, warehouse
  • Creating and viewing a customer card
  • Calendars of pending applications
Your ONE action today
can change your business strategy
Trade-In process
Use our standard processes or create your own for your Car Dealership
Identifying customer requirements
Сar reception
Adding a car data to the warehouse
Vehicle malfunction check
Preparing a car for sale
Mobile app
Everything that is in Desktop version and:
+ Mobile managers. Easily serve customers without going to the desktop computer;
+ Uploading scans via mobile phone. Save on devices, you don't need cameras and other additional cable stuff;
+ Bertha QR. You are able to not only find requests, but also upload scans of documents;
+ Push notifications. Always be in touch with your clients and be aware of deal changes
Let’s improve your business together!
Our best features
Digital approach
Possibility to digitalize step by step or go all in for a holistic solution
Cloud-based solution for uninterrupted working process
More effective interactions between departments

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